Office Visits

SDI offers the following types of daytime office visits:

Initial Consultation:
A full 30-45 minute office visit with a sleep specialist, which includes sleep, medical, and psychiatric histories. This visit also may include a physical examination and lab testing (e.g., bloodwork, urinalysis, drug screen, EKG)

Follow-Up Visit:
A brief 30 minute office visit with a sleep specialist, usually done to review test results, initiate treatment, or monitor and modify treatment as needed.  We report your test results to you by telephone, and we always recommend that you follow-up with your referring doctor. If your case requires extensive involvement by a Sleep Disorders Institute physician, you will be asked to be seen for a follow-up visit at the Institute. We do not conduct visits by telephone. Your insurance carrier will not cover the call of telephone consults. Extended calls (more than 10 minutes) will be billed at our normal office rates.

For information regarding sleep testing procedures and overnight sleep studies, please click here.