Patient Testimonials

My overnight stay was made very comfortable by my technician Michael. He made sure I was extremely comfortable, had great conversation with me about something I found interesting which he picked up on due to his attention to detail which was very calming. He was very knowledgeable in his field and even his teammate who assisted him throughout the night was very kind, caring and helpful.

They were polite, knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that I had. The facility was clean well-kept and well-stocked, the showers or also well kept. Will recommend this institute to whoever needs to have a sleep disorder test.

I really like my experience here. Before testing they let you know exactly what is going to be done while making you as comfortable as possible. The place is very clean bathrooms included. The Specialist are all great and will give all options to help make your out disorders better. After looking far and wide i carefully chose this sleep institute and i do not regret it!

Staff were attentive and professional. The experience was as stress-free as could be expected. All questions were answered clearly and confidently. Reminder: bring pajamas, and flip-flops (for the shower). Towels are conveniently provided.